Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Step by step dolls house renovation

I have decided to do a step by step account of my dolls house build. I will not venture to call it a tutorial at this stage as this is my first attempt at a total renovation and it could all go terribly wrong!!! But lets hope not. 
I started by buying a 1.12 scale dolls house from e bay for £30, as potentially by the time I had bought wood etc it would have been quite costly to build the shell.
Plus as it's my first time I decided this would be good practice for the next one.

I started by taking the house apart and putting all the screws in a safe place. I have not seen them since so if I were you I would just pop them where you will think to actually look! They may or may not put in an appearance once needed but till then i'm not too worried. 
Once in bits I gave it all a good sand down and eradicated all the pink from the windowsills and door frame giving them a nice green and under coated the wood in gray on both sides, front and back of the house. Once dry I gave it all a couple of coats of white glue and water to seal it ready for the brick work to go on.

I marked off both sides and along the back where the back slots in so I do not overlap the bricks and it still all fits together. 

Once all was dry I began to add the bricks to one of the front pieces using white glue to put them in place. For some of the harder to fill places I had to cut some of them. I found some gardening secateurs extremely handy, also a sharp craft knife and metal ruler. I placed the bricks over the area I needed to cut them for and drew on with pencil roughly where I wanted to cut them. Once cut out, and trust me I broke a few in the process I stuck them in too and painted over a few coats of white glue and water to seal the lot. Once all the bricks are on all of the sides I will grout them. 
For now though I am working out where the lighting is going to go. At the moment the house has a sealed roof with no attic, I intend to open it up adding a floor and a place to conceal the plugs socket. In the right hand up stairs room I will just have the one in the ceiling as it is only a small  room. The larger left hand side room will also have a ceiling light but I want a lamp in there too so I need to work out where I will put it so that I can see where the wires will lay. So far I have a planned out the ceiling lights up stairs and again taken into consideration where the floor slots into the sides.

Next time.....
Plans done for lighting, v shaped grove making to hide the wires in the floor and as much more as I can possibly get round to doing.


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