Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Step by step dolls house renovation 2

I have carved out a v shaped groove into the upstairs floor where the ceiling lights will run through the house. This is so that the floors sit flat once slotted in.

The next thing was to put together the light shades. So far I have only created one. I used a flat black bead for the top that will fit to the ceiling and a long black bead to separate it from the round metal frame with a cross through it I took from a broken mobile. From that I threaded on strings of glass beads. Once secure I added the wires, plug and bulb.

While out and about I grabbed a bag of lolly pop sticks and used them for my second floor. Taking the sticks I cut off the rounded ends and stuck them to a piece of card I fitted to the dolls house living room. Through the centre I used matches to add the pattern, then chopped off the excess lolly pop sticks to fit. Once sanded and stained I varnished it a couple of times to give a high shine.

Now for the decoration. As I want to hide any of the wires I have made card to fit each wall and added my wall paper to that so I will get a flush finish when I put it into the house.
Now back to the wall paper. I have actually used scrap booking paper. You can buy this in all sizes and it costs less than dolls house wall paper, also I found more choice.
Using Lolly pop sticks I made the window frames, stained them and stuck them on. I have skirting boards to add yet. Then I made the curtains by cutting out card and folding it over at the top and back to create a pelmet. I then covered this inside and out in material. For the actual curtains I measured the windows, added a bit then cut the square from card. I cut this in half and folded it length ways like a fan. Again I covered it in material front and back.
Once dry I inserted both curtains into the pelmet leaving a gap in the middle. I tied the curtains back a little to add more realism. 
For the blind I used a cocktail stick as the rail. I need to add a bead to each end yet, then I added a piece of material that I had folded in half and cut squares from the top. I added detail to the front and back of the blind and a beaded chain ending in a larger bead as a pulley hangs to the side.

Even more to come so keep on checking back.


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